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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Swings, Slides, and Foam Shapes—

just some of the items constantly on the creative and playful minds of the staff at KaBOOM!

They are saving play by creating a playspace within walking distance of every child in America.

As Kerala Taylor, Manager of Online Content and Outreach at KaBOOM!, notes “KaBOOM! is unique in just about every way.” Although the KaBOOMers are experts in playground building, they “actively work WITH the community on everything from planning to design to fundraising to building.”

Building local, sustainable playgrounds is the backbone to KaBOOM!’s work. While local children and adults brainstorm designs for their community’s “dream playground,” KaBOOM! partners with these community groups to put their own ideas and leadership into play. As a result, the community gains a playground which “will be well used and well cared for” thanks to KaBOOM!’s community empowerment model.

KaBOOM!’s success relies in the community’s strength to believe and to achieve. During playground builds, the “sweaty affair brings together community members, corporate volunteers from our sponsoring companies, and often government officials.” In a single day, the concrete is mixed, bolts are tightened, and dozens of sandwiches are consumed.


The overnight (or rather overday) transformation of an empty lot into a colorful playground.

Constantly improving their impact and saving play for children in America, in 2004, KaBOOM! started offering “a free online playground planner to give communities across the country the tools and resources they need to follow our unique community-build, done-in-a-day model.” And they have over 1,700 DIY (do-it-yourself) playgrounds to show for it in just the past year!

Perhaps one of the more humbling experiences at KaBOOM! was building playgrounds in communities affected by Hurricane Katrina. Surprisingly, the playgrounds served as a refuge for hundreds of residents as they hoped “of renewing a sense of normalcy and safety for their children.”

For the 5th anniversary commemoration of Katrina, KaBOOM! will be building the “135th and 136th playgrounds in the Gulf in August.” Also coming this summer is the Park-A-Day KaBOOM! Summer Challenge, where 8 parents will bring their children to a different playground everyday of the summer and report about their experiences.

This project will “create a comprehensive map of playspaces in our challengers' hometowns” and will highlight “the importance of outdoor playspaces” around America.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You could be the next creative mind behind your neighborhood’s playground.

Build it.

Please visit for more information.

****PLEASE****E-mail charitychange [AT] gmail [DOT] com with a jpeg of you donning your fav charity tee. You will be featured in an upcoming post!

(KaBOOM! works with communities to ensure the growth of America’s playgrounds)

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