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Monday, January 31, 2011

MTV's Act Blog

Check out the shout out to Charity Change on MTV's Act blog!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you call 911, an ambulance would to show up.

If you call 911 in the Jewish world, JDC would to show up.

With enough abbreviations (JDC, AJJDC, the Joint) to mirror its myriad number of programs around the world, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s goal (like any good non-profit) is to work itself out of business.

From its inception, in 1914, it was indeed set up to be a temporary organization—answering the dire call to help the starving Jews in Palestine by raising the equivalent of 1 million dollars in just a few days.

96 years later, JDC’s heart is still beating.

Whether its chesed volunteers are delivering food to poor elderly Jews in the Former Soviet Union or local youth are empowering kids at risk in Israel, JDC’s cutting edge programs promote leadership by encouraging individuals to take responsibility for JDC programs introduced in to their communities.

While the task of answering the 911 call in the Jewish world is no small feat, in the 1980’s, JDC began to use its expertise in humanitarian aid to expand into non-sectarian programming as well.

From working with Rick Hodes’ Ethiopian health clinic and Haiti’s rebuilding efforts to Bosnia’s Women’s Health Empowerment Programs, JDC leverages its invaluable local partnerships to create sustainable programming, ultimately transferring its programs to the community to adopt as their own.

With warehouses full of documents and photos of individuals and communities JDC has helped in the past 96 years, the organization also has thousands of living archives; each telling his or her unique story of how JDC helped save their family’s life.

Working in the field, connecting with donors, and passing JDC’s legacy on to the younger generation is often a delicate balance; one which newer organizations may struggle with.

Others may use their worldwide networks of 96 years to strike the balance.

Special thanks to Steve for his great leadership and guest modeling!

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(JDC provides sustainable programming to Jews and non-Jews around the world)