v. to make radically different
n. a fresh set of clothing; money

Change t-shirts 52 times in 2010 to raise awareness and funds for 52 world changers.

What do you change for?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As a professional potter for more than 30 years, Peter Chartrand not only saw beauty in the pieces of pottery he produced, but he also saw beauty in the pottery’s ability to help others.

So, he became a Potter for Peace. Dedicated to offering “support, solidarity and friendship to developing world potters,” Potters for Peace works with potters, mostly rural women, in Central America to earn a better living.

Potters for Peace teaches specific skills to potters in developing worlds to form more efficient lifestyles. They have traveled the globe to teach communities how to make a low-cost ceramic water filter.” Instead of merely distributing water filters to be sent overseas to developing countries, Potters for Peace invests its time and creativity in empowering local partners to start their own “filter production and distribution facilities.”

Such is the essence of giving the power back to the people.