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Monday, September 27, 2010


A simple mathematical equation: NOLA > than the spiral

Translation: The people of New Orleans, Louisiana will not let hurricanes destroy them.

A growing grassroots organization at its finest, “ is an evolution of citizens' ability to aid and enhance our government during times of disaster.”’s founder, Robert X. Fogarty, is doing just that—he is gathering the greater New Orleans community to care for each other in times of crisis, specifically in times of natural disaster.

Stressing the importance of localizing help and sidestepping bureaucracy, is utilizing community networks to create an efficient system for preparation and evacuation policies in the New Orleans community.

Although the New Orleans’ weather patterns may be unpredictable, the evacuteer is ensuring that competence wins in the face of uncertainty.

Probably one of the newest organizations featured on charitychange, is damn[ing] the torpedoes full speed ahead. Robert explains that “Building something from scratch has tons of ups and downs along the journey. More than anything, friends and strangers have believed in this idea and now it's what keeps us all going.”

Indeed, building partnerships is the key to the evacuteer’s success. Evoking images of the 3 musketeers, the evacuteer will similarly use their super powers to aid the people on the streets of New Orleans in a time of natural disaster. Evacuteer is leveraging its manpower by requiring partners to bring 10 volunteers headed by a captain in order to be a part of the movement. Such a strategy ensures the continued growth of the evacuteer network.

Developing “a network of organizations committed to assisting upon initiation of the City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP)” and serving as “the premier volunteer-mobilization entity in the City of New Orleans for individuals and organizations committed to assisting in the CAEP” is a tall order.

However, Robert Fogarty is equipped to enter the battlefield known as organizational bureaucracy. While he claims that “We're not quite [up] to the exciting stuff yet,” he’ll let us know when “we’re close.”

Last time I checked, reinventing the modern day musketeer as the New Orleans evacuteer was, in itself, a pretty exciting adventure.

Thanks, Robert, for sharing the latest in New Orleans’ superhero escapades!

Please visit for more information.

( is a network of volunteers dedicated to helping the New Orleans community in times of crisis by executing the City Assisted Evacuation Plan.)

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