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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


“Good Day Sunshine”

Popular Beatles’ lyric or popular morning greeting?

While some of us may not exactly waltz into the office in a high pitched cheer exclaiming “Good Day Sunshine,” I’m sure the staff and volunteers at Project Sunshine have incorporated this mantra into their daily regimen. After all, their rays of sunshine have illuminated the lives of patients facing endless bouts of blood tests and CAT Scans during a hospital stay.

Clad in their bright yellow tees, Project Sunshine volunteers plant an extra kick of fun along the bedsides of patients in hospitals around the world. From surgi-dolls and access-to-wellness programs to painting halls and party time activities, Project Sunshiners “donate their time to create” activities and materials for innovative programming.

In the company of some 10,000 worldwide Project Sunshine volunteers and their programs, fear and anxiety often subside for a brief respite amid routine hospital procedures, “restoring a crucial sense of normalcy to the pediatric healthcare environment.”

As such, volunteers are able to instill “courage and coping skills necessary to confront” future diagnoses and procedures.

It is clear that Project Sunshine’s volunteers play a large part in the organization’s success. One of their biggest volunteer bases resides on college campuses, where various universities have formed partnerships with local hospitals, bridging the gap between two transient communities; college students and hospital patients.

From May 3- 11 2010, Project Sunshine brought their fundraising/awareness building events to the streets of New York City. With the support of Governor Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg, highlights of Project Sunshine’s annual week of service featured Yankees stars reading baseball themed stories at Mount Sinai Hospital, a golden glow at the Empire State Building, and sunshine inspired items from various luxury vendors around NYC.

Illuminate your own community.

“Let the Sun Shine in!”

Please visit for more information.

(Project Sunshine engages hospital patients in educational and recreational activities.)

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