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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Environmental awareness has topped the “What’s Hot Now” list.

This post, however, will not discuss climate change goals or reforestation. Instead, it will highlight Goods4Good, a non-profit that addresses the environment from a unique perspective by creating excellence out of excess.

About to embark upon her maiden voyage to Malawi (with the UN- her employer at the time), Melissa Kushner decided to bring some supplies to the orphans of Malawi. Thanks to her friends’ help, she provided a new set of clothing (the first set for most) for orphans in Malawi from the almost 2 tons of excess clothing and toys from Toys R’ Us and The Children’s Place.

Seeing the smiles and understanding the appreciation of the community in Malawi, Melissa continued to collect and ship tons and tons of supplies across the Atlantic.

Eventually, her excess shipments formed an organization now known as Goods4Good.

These donations are not merely airdrops.

Months, even years, are devoted to connecting and understanding the needs of Goods4Good’s recipient communities. Such a model ensures that the abundant waste of goods collected on this side of the ocean will be used most efficiently thousands of miles away.

Partnerships with companies, governments, organizations, and individuals are crucial to Good4Good’s work on both sides of the operation.

Goods4Good has discovered that in working and empowering local communities and organizations, their excess goods will be used to the max. For example: instead of merely supplying uniforms for students in Malawi, one of Goods4Good’s most profound impacts on the community was supplying fabric to make the uniforms. Sewing skills were thus mastered by the Malawi community, introducing a new sustainable trade to the area.

While most donations are given to communities in Malawi, Goods4Good has extended its network to other developing nations as well. “Since 2006…over 120 tons of essential goods [have been delivered] to over 510,000 vulnerable children in Malawi, Liberia and Haiti.”

Melissa and the team at Goods4Good are creating a new norm. They are putting an environmental conscious on excess.

One’s waste is indeed another’s treasure.


Please visit for more information.

(Goods4Good turns excess into necessity.)

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