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Monday, March 7, 2011


Not only has he debuted nationally on the hit TV series “The Bachelor,” but Lt. Commander Andy Baldwin (humanitarian/physician/U.S. Navy Diver) is connecting children who have lost a loved one in war with today’s “corporate executives, politicians, professional athletes, and entertainers […] to learn and be inspired by the most successful leaders of our generation.

Roy Baldwin, President of Got Your Back Network (GYBN), explains that Andy founded GYBN after losing “two of his fellow officers in Afghanistan.” Experiencing such a debilitating personal loss, Andy watched the “adverse effect that their deaths had on their families.”

So he took matters into his own hands.

Andy used his extensive networks “within the entertainment and professional sports industries” to organize special events and mentorship activities to give to those who have suffered from losing a loved one in war.

Whether it be through grief counseling, job training, or educational scholarship opportunities, GYBN is raising people from their darkest days.

On a recent GYBN sponsored first class vacation to Disneyland, one mother told her child “Honey, this is better than winning the lottery." She, however, wasn't necessarily thinking about the rollercoasters she rode that day. Rather, she was referring to the network that GYBN created to unite families suffering from loss.

Such a unique network has allowed families to share their experiences of losing a loved one in war. Sometimes the emotional connections created through the GYBN are a mechanism of healing, in itself.

In an effort to raise funds and to “encourage families of fallen soldiers to participate” in community events, GYBN is proud to partner with the ZOOMA run in Annapolis, MD and Colorado Springs, CO in the summer of 2011.

Join the network:

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